Solomono's Song Chapter 1

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Unless otherwise noted, the Bible text is from the King James Version, followed by a spiritual interpretation by the author, George Denninger.


The Song of Perfection, a great peace that is recognized as Soul is made manifest (man-I-fest).

Chapter 1

  1. The song of songs, which is Solomon's.

This is a perfect song, complete in seven parts, one song with two voices: the divine idea of womanhood introducing the divine idea of manhood, both reciprocally blessed.

The Woman's desire and identity

  2. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

I want to feel the Word delivered as an embrace desired, a holy kiss, the two-edged sword of Truth proceeding out of the mouth of God. I am not afraid; I look forward to it. My inspiration that comes to me directly from divine Love is better than human inspiration because it has no effect from any cause apart from pure Spirit, Soul.

  3 Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.

You are one good olive branch pouring forth the golden oil out of yourself; I am the other. Together our love is seen and embraced by virgin pure Mind consciousness.

  4. Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee.

Draw me with cords of the whole man, with bands of Love. Being at-one, (we) will run at your command. Christ calls me into his holy place, and I rejoice that he is pleased with me. (Truth loves Love.)

  5. I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

My material body that you see is the reflex shadow of Truth, beautiful because His great and perfect peace shelters me, wraps me in His love, and is my Soul. (The view from inside mortal mind is always black.)

  6. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me;

Beneath this material surface of things, the indecisive serpent works in whatever form to forever bite at the heel of Christ, Truth. It says there is something in me that hates truth,

  they made me the keeper of the vineyards;

but I have been appointed to fill these empty vessels called mankind.

  but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

To do this, I go into silence: become poor to sense. I know that Christ's purpose is not to provide mankind with better material conditions, even though God gives me a table in the wilderness. I must show matter to be nothing and thus prove the allness of Spirit.

  7. Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest,

Mortal mind asks, 'Can anything good come out of Nazareth?' Christ says, 'Come and see; come and dine.'

  where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon:

The master shepherd declares, "Of them which thou gavest me have I lost none" (John 18:9) "and they shall come, and see my glory [my fold]" (Isa 66:18). Even so, "many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt 22:14).

  for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions?

I am anointed to be with you: to be like you, not as one of many. My divine consciousness resides with you at the head of the table.

Manhood confirms the Woman's identity

  8. If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents.

I know you as the fairest among women, anointed to His high purpose. ("Enlarge the place of thy tent. . . . All thy children shall be taught of the Lord" [Isa 54:2, 13]).

  9. I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots.

O my beloved, wearing the crown of twelve stars, you are the bone and sinew of the world.

  10. Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold.

I behold your face as though I see the face of God, and God's riches are your riches. Both my Father and I know you, for your mind has been tested and found pure.

  11. We will make thee borders of gold with studs of silver.

Your reward, which we have prepared for you, is a seamless priestly garment down to the foot, just like your mind.

The Woman's attitude and purpose

  12. While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof.

Dear Christ, my King,
My request is ever before you, waiting to be fed with grace. You recognize my presence as pure sweetness. (Truth "never loses sight of loveliness" [SH 248:3].)

  13. A bundle of myrrh is my wellbeloved unto me;

I see Truth wrapped in the aroma of Love.

  he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.

This I hold dearest to my heart. As I embrace the Christ consciousness, the cherished voice within, I give what is needed to tired humanity who is searching for rest and drink.

  14. My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engedi.

The Christ exudes the aroma of Spirit as life poured out.

  15. Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes.

Your countenance is beautiful and pure, a symbol of the mind of God.

  16. Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green.

Love shall make us "lie down in green pastures"; that is, Love compels us to be still and face the movements of God's government, to graze upon its mild freshness and youthful vigor (Ps 23:2). Here, we are at the center and circumference of all real being.

  17. The beams of our house are cedar, and our rafters of fir.

You are the foundation, and divine humanity is the pillars; I am the rafters and superstructure, providing shelter and shade. ("A woman shall compass a man. . . .and he shall go no more out" [Jer 31:22; Rev 3:12, emphasis added].)

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