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"Christ and Christmas" - Mary Baker Eddy, Artist of Light

A presentation for students of Christian Science by George Denninger

I will share full scale reproductions of the pictures from the seventh edition published in 1906 and offer insights regarding the spiritual intent of the book.

Seminar length: ~ 3 hours

Ideal group size: Small groups of 12 or fewer can view the pictures without screen projection. PowerPoint slides are available for larger audiences. Please provide your own screen or white wall.

Space and equipment: If pictures are displayed, they are mounted on easels and arranged to face the audience about 35' across. Alternatively, a projection screen large enough to accommodate the audience is used.

Fee: Transportation and housing if needed. A gratitude offering is appreciated.

About the speaker: George Denninger has been a practicing Christian Scientist and artist for over forty years and began pursuing the deeper meaning of Mary Baker Eddy's book, Christ and Christmas in order to understand the spiritual nature of art. He loves to share the wonderful message that Mary Baker Eddy offers us in her illustrated book. Mr. Denninger has lectured in the USA and online.

For additonal information see www.christandchristmas.com

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See the book illustrations from the 7th edition (1906)

Articles - by George Denninger inspired by Christ and Christmas

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Discover what Mary Baker Eddy tells us about herself and about our identity. She wrote in a letter to Edward A. Kimball, "For the world to understand me in my true light, and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could."