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Church Practice

There is a distinct difference between all other forms of religious practice and Christian Science. Material forms of worship are intended for mortals, and their purpose is twofold: first, they instill some hope of a future salvation, as they prepare the body for inevitable death; and second, they attempt to restrain sin through blind belief, ethical codes, and fear, hoping that this patch of faith will help curb societal chaos. Christian Science churches are not intended for mortals. Only immortal man sustains them. Christian Scientists gather together to share the profound impact it has had on their lives so that those who are engulfed by disease or blinded by sin might feel Truth's presence and be freed from their misconceptions.

Mary Baker Eddy did not write a Manual that is impossible to follow, but it is a document that mortals will never follow. It is not for mortals! It is for you and for me and for all men; we have a blessed, discoverable, and divine origin.

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