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Mother Church Unique

  Mother Church Unique. SECT. 3. In its relation to other Christian Science churches, in its By-Laws and self-government, The Mother Church stands alone; it occupies a position that no other church can fill. Then for a branch church to assume such position would be disastrous to Christian Science. Therefore, no Church of Christ, Scientist, shall be considered loyal that has branch churches or adopts The Mother Church's form of government, except in such cases as are specially allowed and named in this Manual. (Man 71:9)

It is imperative to understand how our Leader governs The Mother Church. "If the idea of the supremacy of Spirit, which is the true conception of being, come not to your thought, you cannot be benefited by what I say" (SH 324:28). Without the appearance of the Comforter in your experience, the Manual's rules will seem unreasonable and restrictive and will be impossible to follow. Without the Comforter, Science is without a witness or practitioner. Even Jesus' disciples were baffled by his words when they did not understand their spiritual meaning. Understanding permeates and encompasses Mrs. Eddy's life work. She was Science-governed, and by recording her laws to herself in a manual, she was able to illustrate her unique form of government, knowing that eventually all mankind would be directed by the same scientific pattern. In Science, obedience to the Manual expands man's rights, abilities, and freedom, but scientific laws are beyond what this world knows. "The soul answered: . . . 'I left the world with the help of another world; a design was erased by virtue of a higher design'"1

As there is but one governing Principle, there can be but one Christ, one manifestation, one fulfilled Comforter radiating light throughout Mind's universe. The operational rules of The Mother Church illustrate this one governing Principle for mankind, and, in this sense, it is unique - there is no other way to govern scientifically.

"The Principle of divine metaphysics is God; the practice of divine metaphysics is the utilization of the power of Truth over error; its rules demonstrate its Science" (SH 111:11).

1 The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Translation from the Coptic, Jean-Ives Leloup, pg. 35-37

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