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The Church Manual - The Rosetta Stone Translating the Divinity of Humanity to the Children of God

Adam and Eve presented the physical dilemma of man separated (divided) from God. Adam disobeyed God's command: 'Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.' Eve was fooled by mental and animal subtlety. The result of this combination was a "Cain" heritage for their children. They must be brought back through great tribulation to a present knowledge of Life as Light.

The primitive prophets caught glimpses of their divine sonship connection, but their listeners failed to grasp their meaning as they talked, choosing rather to regard them highly as gods. Jacob could not explain his new name "Israel" to his sons. The children of Jacob only became true children of Israel as they caught his spiritual vision and made it their own. For the most part, sin came full blown to Jacob's children, as today, and man's divinity needed to be developed.

Moses brought them out of acute mental and physical slavery; and since they had no developed spiritual rudder of self-control, he gave them simple "thou shalt not" commands, which they found excessive and difficult to follow. Only Moses' physical presence and his transformed nature kept them in line. Yet Moses could foresee these commands written in the hearts of every man and demonstrated by another "like himself."

Jesus solved Adam's problem, following both the letter and spirit of all God's commands, and bringing his disciples near to the divinity of humanity by advancing them spiritually, full of faith, "hearts chastened and pride rebuked" (SH 35:2). His Beatitudes contradicted common sense, teaching and growing humanity's heart. But all his disciples except (eventually) John failed to discern the whole conscious Principle that excluded them from matter, so they perished to learn this fact. The church also missed the divine purpose of Jesus' mission and returned to the worship of those great ones - idols and hypocrisy. So the plagues and foolish Crusades perverted and destroyed the simple Christ message, and healing was lost.

History repeats itself.

Saint John saw how the Comforter, promised by Jesus, crowned the woman of Revelation with twelve stars. She had solved Eve's problem and could no longer be fooled by the serpent. John prophesied the mastery of every phase and condition of human belief that the twelve tribes of Israel represented and saw the man-child caught up unto God - untouchable and unseen to sensuous man. This prophecy has been fulfilled and witnessed by the founder of Christian Science. Humanity must work it out now, both physically and mentally, and no other sign is required.

The Manual of The Mother Church presents the Commandments, Beatitudes, and requisite structure for governing the divinity of humanity. It is the only pattern of rules that will survive and flourish in the Millennium. All, tears, pain, material life, and death will have been swept way, and the so-called laws of limitation will naturally dissolve as we ascend. This is the final command to humanity, and it is sufficient.

While Mrs. Eddy was visible to us on earth, The Mother Church was her individual demonstration of this divinely directed form of government. She listened to God's direction and proved it. Just like Moses' experience, as long she was visibly present and continually demonstrating her transforming church, her students were willing to follow her direction. But that full-blown sin of self-righteousness, envy, and malice often mastered her students, and they failed to recognize their own divine nature (exemption from material beliefs). Mrs. Eddy's rules in the Manual are emphatic, and the path for working out our salvation is sequential.

First, obey her commands, even the opposite of common sense, until the heart is convinced of Mary Baker Eddy's divine place in prophesy, and we discover the Comforter for ourselves as illustrated by Jesus and explained by Christ's Womanhood. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures uncovers and forever admonishes us "never to believe a lie."

As in the cases of the children of Jacob, the disciples of Moses, Jesus, and Mrs. Eddy, ages will pass before general humanity trusts sufficiently to obey the commands in the Manual and see how it transforms their countenance and government. Then the Millennium will come (be realized), and humanity's divinity will rule in our hearts universally. Prophecy will be fulfilled whenever we are obedient and understand our freedom from material and mental self.

Then we will be ready for the next step, the translation of humanity's divinity into divine light - the gain of divine image without bodily form.

George Denninger ©

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