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From Sorrow to Joy

One day, as I entered a restaurant, I saw a woman sitting alone against a wall, engulfed in sorrow. My first impression was that of solace and compassion, for I did not want her to be in such agony. I did not approach her but went to the opposite side of the restaurant and ordered my meal. While there, I studied some Christian Science literature that I had with me, earnestly seeking to know more about what defines God and man. By the time I had finished my meal, I had scientifically impersonalized what was being presented as a very sad material existence. I actually had forgotten all about the affliction of the woman across the room and was basking in the Truth of being. When I was ready to leave, I glanced toward the table where she was sitting and saw a completely different picture. As our eyes met, I saw a face beaming with joy. There was a divine light pouring out of her so brightly that I could hardly see her facial features. We just sat smiling at each other for a few minutes. There was no need to speak to one another, for we had communed in the light of God.

George Denninger ©