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Christmas in Heaven

The Christ idea is conceived in heaven, brought forth in heaven, and found mature in heaven, for only the immaculate environment of heaven can nurture the Son of God.

And what of the Messiah's mission and purpose, and how will I find Him? Christ's call, as a still small voice, comes in our humility to where we are, and brings us home (wakes us up) to Christmas as it is in heaven. It is the all power and presence of Divine Love that wraps us up, breaks the barriers of time and space, and sets us free to live with Him where He is. 'Those who seek me, find me,' not with pomp and ceremony nor festive parties and ringing bells, but in the quiet longing of earnest desire when we reach out to love our neighbor better - especially our families, especially our enemies. Loving one another prepares us to recognize heavenly good where we are - always safe, nestled, fed, and rested, awake and alive to good as Only and Christ as heavenly.

Oh that we hear the Master's call and be there so that His message can be received and born in us, where it can mature into grand and noble lives filled with heaven's song, blessed by His grace, united in one grand harmony.

Counting it all joy, have a blessed birth.

George Denninger ©