Articles on Christian Science





Article - Read Text Audio Recording
Your First Love is Light Listen
A Growing Heart Listen
Scientific Statement of Being -- Preparing Humanity for Love Listen
Show Me How Love Is - The Key to Extraordinary Affection Listen
Be a Companion Listen
Love Moves - Love One Another Listen
Be Not Unequally Yoked Together with Unbelievers Listen
Sing O Barren Listen
One Mind - One Instructor and One Instruction Listen
Who Told You That You Were Naked? Listen
Breaking Out of Prison Listen
To Play or Not to Play Listen
Altar Pure Listen
Happy Today Listen
Woe unto Them That Are with Child Listen
Warning and Opportunity Listen
Identical Commandments Listen
Thou Shalt Have No Me before ME Listen
No Graven Images Allowed Listen
Adultery is Impossible Listen
Recapitulation - God's Questions and Answers Listen
Casting Out Demons Listen
Word Made Flesh Listen
Beatific Presence Listen part 1 part 2
Loving That Certain Man Listen
Mary - First at the Tomb Listen
Finding the Missing Third Listen
Revelatory Requirement Listen
Wearing the Stars in the Crown of Rejoicing Listen
Waking Up to Christ - Finding Man Listen
Perils of Belief Listen
The Grand Illusion Listen
Living Through the Passover Pandemic Listen
Human versus Divine Logic Listen
You Are Mine! Listen
Vision Listen
Earth's Kindergarten Listen
Humanity Meets Jesus Listen
We are Healed Listen
Good Time Listen
Saviour of the World Listen
Personality Rejected Listen
God Is Not in the Wind, Earthquake and Fire? Listen
Dust Listen
Mist Listen
God's Laws in Operation Listen
Our Divine Origin Listen
Feel the Roar Listen
Finding the One that was Never Lost Listen
Omnipotence Listen
Breaking Bread - Eating God Listen
Kings and Priests Unto God Listen
Lesson From a Turkey Listen
Public Speaking Listen
The Beginning of Sorrows Listen
Recession with a Purpose Listen
I Suppose Poverty Listen
Thought for Food Listen
The Unused Talent Listen
What Would Jesus Say of You? Listen
Judas Iscariot and the Real Apostles Listen
Proving the Truth Listen
Two Parties in Jerusalem
Take Up the Cross Listen
Taking Offense Listen
Wake Up and Live Listen
Curing Anxiety Listen
Frog Venum Denounced Listen
Taking the Serpent by the Tail Listen
Doing the Greater Works Listen
Perception Direction Listen
Are You Ready For Christmas? Listen
Christmas in Heaven Listen
Center of Affections Listen
Church Structure Listen
Moses' Symbolic Temple Listen
Why Church Fails and How it Succeeds Listen