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Taking Offense

Now there was a day when evil came to contend with the sons of God, telling lies about them and calling the lies truth.

Some people believed the lies, took them in, were emotionally hurt by them, became sick, and died. "It is our . . . egotism that feels hurt by another's self-assertion" (Mis 224:2).

Others reacted angrily to the lies and fought back. They went down into the fiery pit with the criminal mind, intending to do God's work as warriors. They were singed by the flames.

Still others heard the ridicule and began to laugh. The louder the evil outburst, the louder they laughed. They heard the evil message and distracted the perpetrator by an equal and opposite action. The belief of a good and evil power had unwittingly defined itself, providing full-time entertainment and peril for all participants.

A few sensed the danger and just walked away, avoiding potential confrontation. They made room for evil but wanted no part of it. Their kingdom was divided into two camps: those who knew the truth and those who mistakenly thought they knew the truth.

In all the mental commotion that evil promoted was found one Christian Scientist. She did not react but humbly waited for the Christ-idea that would dispel the evil suggestion of a power in competition with Good. When the angel message was discerned, she shared it freely with everyone, bringing enlightenment and insightful hearing back to those receptive individuals who had become blind and deaf to Truth. The Science of Christ neutralized the poison and erased the evil pretense, including all memory of the so-called event.

The people who died of self-inflicted wounds missed the healing event entirely. Weakness, timidity, self-condemnation, self-pity, and submissive poverty do not honor the vibrant radiance of life that God has bestowed upon us. "They who sin must suffer" until they tire of it and begin "leaning on the sustaining infinite" (SH 37:2, vii:1).

Those who reacted angrily were too busy playing God to hear the inspired message or to accept the healing. "It is our pride that makes another's criticism rankle, our self-will that makes another's deed offensive" (Mis 224:2).

Those who laughed heard the glad tidings but chose to worship the healing rather than the inspired Word. To mortal personalities, both good and evil belong in God's universe, and matter and body are God's responsibility. Ritualistic worship, mystic miracles, and preaching without practice resist the spiritual purgation that unveils Christ.

Those who avoided the confrontation gratefully heard the glad tidings as a "still small voice." It was not "a loud voice, as when a lion roareth," because they were still mentally distant from God's thought of them, but they heard it and were glad (Rev 10:3).

Christian Science feeds the multitude and explains divine Love in a way that meets every human need, but only those who hear, understand, and love their neighbor enough to share it with signs following are advancing civilization.

George Denninger ©

Ref. "Taking Offense" Mis 223:24

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